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One Stop Titanium in Hawaii presented by Titanium is your one stop shop for all your automotive needs. Home of Hawaii’s #1 Rim Repair and Refurbishing Specialists, aka “The Rim Surgeon.” Check out our services below. Fill out our quick Contact Form for any questions or call us Monday to Saturday at (808) 371-5842.

  • New Tires at the Lowest Prices
    New Tires at the Lowest Prices
    Get any size tires for the lowest prices in Hawaii for both cars and trucks. We also mount and balance.
  • Rim Repair in Hawaii
    Rim Repair in Hawaii
    We are the home of Hawaii’s #1 Rim repair and Refurbishing Specialists, helping Hawaii drivers and their rims for over 10 years.
  • Restoration! Polish, Powdercoat, Rechrome. All metals.
    Restoration! All metal Polishing, Powdercoating, Rechroming
    Get your wheels looking brand new again with our restoration services. Professional polishing, powdercoating and even rechroming.
  • Aftermarket Rims and Tires Lowest Prices
    Aftermarket Rims and Tires Lowest Prices
    We have to lowest prices on BRAND NEW Aftermarket Rims with Tires. Best prices on the island.
  • Detailing
    Have your vehicle looking brand new again by our professional team of auto detailers.
  • Custom Painting
    Custom Painting
    Bring in your car and we’ll transform it from it’s stock look to a fully customized paint job. Our professional painting and graphics specialists bring your ideas to life.
  • Collision Repair
    Collision Repair
    Save money on professional collision repair by One Stop by Titanium.
  • Auto Service and Maintenance
    Auto Service and Maintenance
    ASE Certified technicians are here for hassle-free car service and maintenance.